Eltrinex MobilePC – 320GB Netbook From Czech

The first generation of netbook started with Asus Eee PC. The response to this little machine is overwhelming when it first hit the market last year (2007). After the success of Asus Eee PC, new netbook models from various manufacturers never stop coming up. Now the netbook fever has even hit Czechoslovakia. Eltrinex, a Czech electronics manufacturer has released their own netbok called Eltrinex MobilePC.

The specs for Eltrinex MobilePC is as follow:
* 1.6GHx VIA C7-M processor
* 10.2-inch display with
* 320GB HDD
* Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooh
* 2 USB ports, VGA output, 4-in-1 card reader, and a USB DVD-RW
* 2200mAh battery pack
* 2.6 pounds
* Windows XP

The price for this netbook is between $700 to $760, which is higher than most available netbooks out there.. but it also has the largest capacity of hard drive (320 GB) compare to others.


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