Is Windows 7 Suitable for Netbook?

While Microsoft has just announced Windows 7 recently, several adventurous folks has already try to install and run the new OS on their netbook. So is Windows 7 suitable for netbook? Let’s find out from their experiment.

1. Asus Eee PC 1000H

Laptop Magazine has experimented their Asus Eee PC 1000H netbook, and the result is:

“So how is Windows 7 on an Intel Atom netbook? Two thumbs up for the new wireless manager and the new visual cues that are incorporated throughout the OS. We wouldn’t give up Windows XP just yet considering the video playback, but the OS is still in beta and it is our hope that final version will be even better for Atom-based PCs.”

2. MSI Wind U100

Lee Mathews from Liliputing posted an interesting article about his experience with Windows 7 on his MSI Wind U100. In short, here’s what he thinks:

“All in all, Windows 7 is even more enjoyable than Vista was, and it’s not going to be disappearing from my Wind any time soon.”

3. HP Mini

For HP Mini netbook, HP Mini Guide has posted their testing for Windows 7 on HP Mini:

“Overall it does seem a bit faster than Vista and things are looking really good for this pre-beta. As Brad Linder said, if it’s already running this good on Ultimate, there’s not a need for a specific netbook build. However, I bet they will offer a cheap, stripped down version to replace XP that will have similar hardware limitations for the discount.”

4. Lenovo IdeaPad S10

And finally Lenovo S10. Netbook Tech has done a pretty good write up on their experiment for installing Windows 7 on their Lenovo Ideapad S10:

“Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the current state of affairs with Windows 7. While the pre-beta build’s memory footprint hasn’t gotten smaller as of yet, the system is certainly usable and extremely responsive. I’ve been using the system for several days now and it’s held up quite nicely – can’t wait for the beta release next year!”

As we can see, all results are positive.


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