9-Cell Battery For Acer Aspire One Available on Amazon

Want a longer battery life for your Acer Aspire One netbook? How about a 9-cell battery that can last for 9 hours 40 minutes? You can get it from Amazon.com now.


Product Description
Is the original Aspire One netbook battery life too short for you? Unable to finish your blog at the Starbucks? Unable to finish watching your favor movie on the airplane? Now, the wait is over. The 9-cell 6600mAh replacement battery is here. Using this high quality 9-cell battery, Acer Aspire One laptop could last up a whopping 9 hours and 40 minutes when under minimum load and WI-FI off (individual result may vary). You can have a full working day without the need to plug in for charge. Your Aspire One netbook will be on all the time with this 9-cell 6600mAh battery.

The price for this 9-cell is pretty high at $144.99, and it can be ugly when your Aspire One is equipped with the 9 cell. But hey you get a 9:40 battery life!


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