Samsung NC11 Netbook Coming?

Samsung’s first netbook, NC10 has been getting compliment for its great performance. Looks like the company is now planning to come out with the next model called NC11.

By looking at the product page on Samsung official site (in Korean), the only differences between NC10 and NC11 is that the new model will be available with Vista and also it will be using Intel 945GSE chipset instead of Intel 945GME which NC 10 is using.

As the website is in Korean language, there isn’t much info that we can get about the new model as this time.

[via Liliputing]


2 Responses

  1. I’d hate to think how poorly Vista would run on a netbook. It doesn’t run well on full-powered hardware. I went Linux and haven’t looked back.

  2. I run Vista on a NC10 with 2gRAM and the latest Intel Accelerator
    Vista drivers available under Vista Update and can confirm that this quadruples non DirectX graphics performance .Only the Atom is
    slightly below par at 3.2 on the Vista Index. You appear to have made a bad choice.

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