Asus Added Product Page For Eee PC 1005HA

Asus has put up a product page for the Eee PC 1005HA. Overall, the netbook is quite similar to the Asus Eee PC 1008HA, except for having a replacable battery, and a little thicker and heavier than the Eee PC 1008HA. Asus still call the Eee PC 1005HA a Seashell netbook, which is the name given to the 1008HA earlier.

asus eee pc 1005ha

The Eee PC 1005HA will be available in 4 colors: black, white, blue, and pink. It measure 10.3″ x a 7″ x 1.4″ and weigh between 2.4 and  and 2.8 pounds depending on the battery.


2 Responses

  1. Waited for quite a while for a Netbook that had what I needed. Each new model got better and closer to ideal. The 1005HA was the one, finally. It’s battery life and ease of replacement is key. On a recent trip I stressed this little guy out on the plane and it kept going and kept going for 10+ hrs. Gets a little warm, but no big deal. Wi-fi worked flawlessly…. Highly Recommended!!

  2. I really like this model

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