Apple Netbook Coming Soon?


Netbook is the new trend in portable computer industry, which have been driving most of the PC sales growth the past few months. Most of the major laptop companies have joined the netbook market.. except for Apple. While everyone is guessing when will be Apple’s turn to join the game, there are rumors that Apple had purchased a large amount of 10-inch touch panel display last month… leading more people to believe that Apple is already working on a netbook.



Asus To Released Eee PC S121

According to Eee PC News, Asus is going to release a new model for the S series netbook called the Eee PC S121. The netbook is going to have a 12.1-inch display, while the other specs are expected to be similar to the Asus S101.


Other than being a bigger version of Eee PC S101, not much details about Eee PC S121 is released at this time.

Apple to Unveil Netbooks Next Month?

The MacWorld Conference and Expo just few weeks away, and according to an article of Computer World, it’s likely that Apple will unveil 2 netbooks in the Expo. The netbooks are likely to be an Apple-controlled “closed system” where software is delivered via the App Store, device restore is done from iTunes, backup is available through an optional online service, most likely MobileMe, and peripheral and add-on choices will be limited.

This is not confirmed though, and is just the prediction of Ezra Gottheil from Technology Business Research Inc.

“Citing evidence that included the gloomy economy, climbing sales of the least-expensive laptops and comments CEO Steve Jobs made in October, Gottheil said Apple would show a pair of netbooks at January’s conference, then as it did two years before with the iPhone, put it on the market midyear.”

[Source: Computer World]

Apple Netbook Rumor

Another rumor for the Apple netbook. New York Times has published an update that says they have been notified by a search engine company that they have spotted traffic from an “unannounced Apple product with a display somehwere between an iPhone and a MacBook.”

“That would seem to confirm findings that a search engine company shared with me on condition that I not reveal its name: The company spotted Web visits from an unannounced Apple product with a display somewhere between an iPhone and a MacBook. Is it the iPhone 3.0 or the NetMac 1.0?”


MSI to Launch Wind U120 Next Month?

According to DIgiTime, the MSI Wind U120 which was previously expected to be released in December, will be released next month (November). The source also stated that the Wind U120 will features a built-in 3.5G module, Intel’s Atom N270 processor, 1GB memory, 120GB hard drive and running on Windows XP.

The MSI Wind U120 is expected to cost about $550.

Apple To Launch Dual Screen Netbook?

The rumors about Apple Brick has been circulating for a while. There are many guesses on what the Brick will be. Here’s another interesting one from Leander Kahney, a Wired Editor. He’s hoping that the Apple Brick would be a “hybrid laptop/tablet/ebook that dispenses with a physical keyboard and trackpad in favor of a virtual, adaptive UI that blends multitouch, gestures and its own orientation to switch between different modes”. Read his full article here.

While the idea is really interesting, Leander has admitted that the chances for Brick to be the dual screen netbook is very slim.