Asus Eee PC 1005HA Reviewd

Asus Eee PC 1005HA Black

Asus Eee PC 1005 has been reviewed, and seems like this netbook has replaced the Eee PC 1000HE as the best netbook from Asus. While maintaining the good looking of the previous Eee PC 1008HA Seashell netbook, the Eee PC 1005HA not only solve the problem of the non-replaceable battery, but also boast an 8 hours plus of battery life, and a comfortable keyboard and touchpad . Here’s the full review of Asus Eee PC 1005HA.. check it out!


Asus Added Product Page For Eee PC 1005HA

Asus has put up a product page for the Eee PC 1005HA. Overall, the netbook is quite similar to the Asus Eee PC 1008HA, except for having a replacable battery, and a little thicker and heavier than the Eee PC 1008HA. Asus still call the Eee PC 1005HA a Seashell netbook, which is the name given to the 1008HA earlier.

asus eee pc 1005ha

The Eee PC 1005HA will be available in 4 colors: black, white, blue, and pink. It measure 10.3″ x a 7″ x 1.4″ and weigh between 2.4 and  and 2.8 pounds depending on the battery.

Eee PC 1005HA Launched in France reported that the Eee PC 1005HA is launched in France.

eee pc 1005HA

There are 2 models for the Eee PC 1005HA netbook: Eee PC 1005-H and Eee PC 1005-M. The 1005HA-H model comes with Atom N280 CPU and 6-cell-2800mAH battery which gives up to 10.5 hours usage time, while the Eee PC 1005-M is equipped with Atom N270 CPU and 2200mAh battery which could lase only up to 8 hours of battery life.

Another model from Asus, the Eee PC 1008HA, is criticized for the non-removable battery. The Eee PC 1005HA is said to be an improved product from Asus after listening to the criticism. And yes, the Eee PC 1005HA have removable battery pack.